Editing and Advising Services

This is where you make a payment for any services received. Thank you! -Z




– ADVISING: I advise people looking to work from home. This means answering all your questions about what I do and have done from home, reviewing the hiring processes and technical requirements for opportunities you are interested in, and discussing the challenges and advantages of this type of work. Recommendations can be made according to your needs. Upon scheduling, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete before your meeting, so that I can consider what opportunities might best meet your needs.  These are entry level customer service positions.

– BASIC TECH SUPPORT- Once you are working, I can help with MOST technical issues, help you setup your computer for service, etc.

– EDITING: If you have an audiobook project and you need assistance editing, I can help! Schedule a meeting to discuss your project and the fee is credited toward your first invoice. Audio editing services start at $20 per audio hour. You may also email me directly at please include “EDITING” in the subject, along with the name, author, or subject of your project.

The Scheduling Process:
1. Pay for your session here. Include a preferred phone number and email in the comments. If your issue is urgent, also state this in the comments. Email  is required.
2. Within 24 Hours, you will receive an email with a questionnaire to complete.  (This will include a space to put 3 preferred times for your session.)
3. When your questionnaire is received, you’ll get an e-mail or phone call to finalize meeting time.
4. You will receive a link to my Zoom Room before your meeting. Simply click the link in your email to join me. You can also join by phone at your discretion. For Tech help, it is recommended that you join from your work computer for best service.

Note: Meetings are 1 hour long, with some flexibility. My goal is to set you up for success. If the meeting ends early, the remaining minutes will be credited toward another session. If the meeting exceeds an hour, be aware that the zoom room will automatically close at 1 hour and 20 minutes and you will need to use the Contact page or schedule another meeting to continue discussion.

The contact page is available for questions, but the demands of my day-to-day work make it impossible to keep up with inquiries in a timely manner. This has led me to offer this service to those with serious interest. Inquiries submitted will be answered in the order they were received, as time allows me to respond.