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Fiction Snippets: Lothatio Part II

Part II

The orc in me couldn’t help but get a little excited at the sight of Lillith all pricked and nakey there by the fire. I don’t care who you are, when a naked lady is in front of you, you notice. Especially if she is beautiful. I never learned to shame myself for such things. Lothatio and I stood there drooling until we realized the other 3 girls had run into the forest. I was more interested in the captive before me and continued to stare, taking in the sight of her poreless pale skin glistening in firelight, bleeding a bit from the thorns. She was a sight.

“ Are you just going to stand there drooling?” -Lothatio
“Yes.” -Me
“ Should I go after the other girls?” -Lothatio
“You’ll probably get your arse kicked. They’ll be back.” -Me
I walked up to Lillith and just looked into her eyes. Sometimes this helps me think of a way to be humane. This time it did not. I knew the other 3 would be back and that my spell would only hold Lillith for so long.

“Poor girl, I am sure this all has something to do with your jewelry and for that I am going to have to kill you. Have you any last words?”

Most people don’t actually have any last words. Lillith was most people. Just before the hail of thorns dissipated, I slit her throat with a daggar and put another in her heart just in case. We waited around for the other girls to show. They may have just been commoners under a spell, which would have broken with Lillith’s concentration. I took what coin she had, which was plenty. The mystery ring was still on her finger, which had decomposed rapidly. So rapidly that it came clean off with the ring. Somewhere between looting her body and arguing with Lothatio about whether he should go naked or put on a dress, I realized I may have just killed a rich girl. I didn’t recognize her, but that means absolutely nothing.

“Who was this girl?”
“She said she was from out of town. I didn’t ask questions. Haven’t seen her around and that’s all the better for me, eh? Here today, gone the next.”

“Did she say anything that suggested estranged family or the law coming after her?”
“Not that I can recall, but I was well under the influence”
“Well… I’m hauling her back for identification and burial. Did you get any other names from the other girls? Could you describe any of them?”
“I’ll think on it”

Lotatio did decide he needed clothing, and so we put him in ladies rags and headed back to town. By now it was roughly 4am and I had the remains of a young rich girl in a bedroll. What now?

I could wake up Shairkash and ask him about the ring. Perhaps he even sold it to her. I would need to wake up some more honest authority and tell them what hapenned and pray they believe me before I could breathe a word to Shairkash. He has held his position in this town by blacklisting anyone who questions his abhorrent practices. I saw fires at the Murann coroners, and so decided to start there.

Ordi Nubaedfyd was the black sheep of his family. Could never bring himself to kill or eat whale. Learned to make his way stealing and trading to help feed the family. Today he is an honored member of the Bilge Rats. His father was a friend of my father’s. He could help if someone tried to hang me for this.

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