Health and Wellness

Being Whole: Week 5



The tale of the last 3 weeks is one of failure… and not even on an epic scale. There was no big thing that stopped me from rowing. I write from a place of peace about it, hoping I’ve found the calm before the storm of productivity I have needed for so long. Other things have happened. My Dude and I have developed some goals of our own, and I really want to come through for him in a big way, so a couple of weeks ago I interviewed for a position at the YMCA closest to home. As of today, I have been hired to start on Monday. It’s just housekeeping, but the additional income will help and it doesn’t hurt that it puts me in the building 5 days a week for rowing and whatnot.

Meanwhile, I continue to do what I have been doing (in addition to my day job). That’s a whole lot of gardening and chicken wrangling, cheese making, bread making, and reading about EVERYTHING. It’s been tiring and the radiation doesn’t help, I’m sure. It seems to have hit me pretty hard this time. I’ve been trying to make the best of it by working on things I CAN do. Once I get going, the ball tends to roll on it’s own and sometimes it even speeds up! I really want to get great at making things, so I’m building a routine for the week that provides space to practice bread and cheese at LEAST once per week (each). It’s still about being whole, which means making time to grow the skills I want (NEED) to grow. A second job is a big undertaking, but the benefits are big too. I am tired, but I see the shoes I need to fill and I just want to fill them and then some.

Something I learned from my chickens is that sometimes what we need is something to challenge us. I was so afraid to take the plunge when I got my hens, but as soon as I brought them home, I knew it was just what I needed; a new challenge to drive me in the direction of my best life. From there, things have only just begun to snowball. I am overwhelmed and excited to enter into a closer relationship with merciless Mother Earth, and a better relationship with my body. Perhaps along the way other doors will open.

Enjoy some photos of things I created this week (the cheese is mozzarella and the pizza is venison, bacon, capers, alfredo… the crust, cheese and sauce are all scratch made!) Also witness my boys’ celebrations of Summer’s arrival. We are all trying to live our best life. Happy Summer!


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