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Being Whole: Week 2

This week was rough… it’s actually become more like 2 weeks. I am halfway through week 3. Last week the kids were home and so it was more difficult to make time… I made it Monday-Wednesday and then failed all through the weekend. This past Monday, I had a procedure, so it has been slow going. I went today, foolishly intending to do 2×20 minute workouts to make up for some of what I lost last week. I got dizzy 5 minutes in, pushed it to 15 minutes and now I have the migraine of all migraines. Nevertheless, I persist. My promise to myself is to cut any workouts this week off as soon as my head starts hurting. As long as I go to the gym and get to the machine, I will call it good for the next week or so.

In lieu of real progress, I took some beginning shots last week, which you can check out below. Starting weight is 280 on the dot. Down 8lbs from 2-3 weeks ago. I will do measurements as soon as I can find the one-man tape measure lying around here somewhere. It’s mostly about how I feel, improving my mood, boosting my energy each day. Progress is good, however and I really want to know what rowing does for my upper body as the weeks go by.

So… to keep it short and sweet, here are my before shots…

TIP: If you need help with converting rower information into a calorie count, I found this really helpful link. You enter what the display says and your weight and it will give you a real calorie count for your workout. Helpful if you are bigger like me and can’t figure out how to adjust the weight on the machine. ( This is a calculator for the Concept 2 machine specifically, but I think it can be adapted for most rowers. If you have more accurate info on this, PLEASE comment. I am very new and don’t know what is common when it comes to equipment. ( )


Thanks for tuning in!

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