Winner Dinner: Salmon with Tomaotes Pizzaiola and Mushrooms

Winner Dinners are winners because they are quick, simple, and easily adapted … you can bake it all together on a sheet pan!

Salmon However much you need to serve your clan, Fresh or frozen. This recipe prepared on a half sheet pan can serve up to 7. I usually get the biggest piece I can find at Sam’s and use any leftovers in a quiche. If using frozen, let it cook for 30-45 minutes before adding any other ingredients to the pan to ensure everything finishes at the same time. 
Tomatoes- I find Romas to be the quickest to de-seed and the hardiest when it comes to the heat of the oven. For this recipe, anything will work… it doesn’t even have to be tomato, if you’ve got a squash laying around or some asparagus it will work. For tomatoes, I find it helpful to dry them with a paper towel so they’ll hold up better in the oven and not get too juicy. When using Romas, I usually prep 2 tomato halves for every adult being served, one for each child. 
CheeseI used a Kroger pizza blend, but you can’t go wrong with any cheese, use what you’ve got. Plan on about an ounce or two of cheese per tomato if using Romas.
Butter- You can sub all butter for olive oil in this recipe. You will likely use a half stick (4T) in this recipe when feeding up to 6.
Olive Oil- You can use butter if you like, but I find coating the mushrooms with olive oil makes them more low maintenance in the oven. You could melt the butter and toss or place a pat on top of the mushrooms and stir to coat the mushrooms once it melts. I often do the mushrooms on the stove top so that I can brown the butter for killer flavor!)
SeasoningsSalt, Pepper… and I used Chive in the tomatoes and Tony Chachere’s Cajun seasoning for the fish this time around. You can ALWAYS mix it up. Lemon pepper, Italian seasoning, etc.

The Cooking:

Step 1: Preheat to 400°F and assemble ingredients. All you need in terms of cookware is a half sheet pan or cookie sheet.

Step 2: The Salmon- Cut 4 “half pats” (2T in 4 thin slices) off your stick of butter and then cut those in half and line them up down the middle of your salmon, dividing them evenly among servings. The butter will melt and help lock in the salmon’s natural juices. You can also melt the butter and brush it on or use olive oil. Next, add your seasoning. It can be as simple as a bit of garlic, salt, and pepper (I used my go-to Tony Chachere’s Cajun Seasoning with some Frank’s Red hot drizzled on). Place the salmon on your cookie sheet and into the oven. Be sure to let it bake awhile if cooking from frozen.

Step 3: Tomatoes- Cut the stems off the tomatoes and clean out the innards. For Romas, cut off as little as you need to and then halve longways so that you have a nice deep “cheese boat”. Pat them dry with a paper towel and then cut another 2T off of your butter, this time cubing it and dividing the tiny cubes among the tomatoes. I made 8 “halves” and so each had 1/4 T of butter, use more or less as you like. Add cheese, chive, salt and pepper and then when the Salmon is cooked through and flaky but not yet browned, add the tomatoes to your sheetpan.

Step 4: Mushrooms- Slice up your mushrooms or leave them whole, toss them in about 2T of olive oil (per 4 servings- ish, they should all have a thin coating of oil), add salt and pepper and then dump these on the pan also. Close the oven, forget about it for 15 minutes.

Everything is done when the tomatoes have roasted and the cheese is brown, the salmon has a nice crispy browned top, and the mushrooms have wilted into mouthwatering deliciousness.

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