Battle Notes 03/29

Blood, sweat, and murder
Black luck and trouble
Head full of sorrow
I’m in a whole lot of trouble now”
Scott Biram

It’s not so much Black Luck as The Sylvain Show. God love him, this has been epic. Today was the most greusome affair yet, but only because it involved a whole lot of literal shit. I am getting a lady boner just thinking about the mess we’ve made in this place so far. The Mere of the Dead Men put me in an introspective sort of mood and there is nothing like a bit of bloodshed to bring you back to the surface of your mind, back to reality. It was in the mere that we all had the pleasure of meeting The Black Death himself, Voaraghamanthar. I’ve heard the rumors of this dragon being in two places at once, but I have always suspected that the one dragon was actually twin dragons. The truth is often both more and less interesting than the fiction. I’m a realist. Anyway, he sent us after some book. And on we went.

Castle Naerytar, where this book was said to be wasn’t far and we made haste getting inside, only to find a full story of sewage with it’s own little tentacle monster (awwwe that’s quaint as fuck). Niresh nearly died without even coming close, as is his wont. He was dipped in a scuffle and still smells like shit. He can’t tell the difference, but we can. If we die in here, it will be because they sniffed us out. We made quick work of him and charged blindly through a hallway, up some stairs and into what turned out to be a library full of priceless books and 5 guilty looking men. N and I I drew immediately and carnage ensued thanks to (suprise, suprise) the rogue, who came in ready to fuck some shit up and did. It was over all too quickly. We noticed we had attained a potential ally in the scuffle. A human librarian and double agent called Tegan. An ally, albeit reluctant. I’m afraid we may have ruined his investigation and put him in danger, but it’s kind of what we do, so we will make it right.

We are currently having a rest, after having made our way up to the third floor into a room full of dust and bones. There were some spectral beings up here, but of course we shot at them and they dissipated. Now we have to get Tegan sorted and get these dragons their book. Meanwhile, I can’t help but think… is the Black Death actually twins? And if so, is there an evil one? Working in tandem all these years, they must have the same goal but it could be to dominate the other. And what of the rings? What will be done with this intel? My life’s work in peril has taught me that it doesn’t matter. Knowledge is sometimes so powerful that it is dangerous in any hand. We are here to kill the people and make the money.

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