Battle Notes- 01/11/19

Our perilous journey has finally led us to Waterdeep, and let me tell you it is as much bullshit as anywhere else. We followed the cultist wagon with the red wizard Bara to an inn and bunked up there, along with our new gnome friend Gleamsilver. The cultists made a twilight run and we followed them to a huge warehouse facility full of construction materials and probably loot. Chastity cast Darkness over the door of the warehouse to illicit a response, but I had cast Pass Without Trace. The cultists knew they were followed, but we were not detected. I suspect the dragons we met earlier on our journey will show their faces soon and we are almost sure to die when they do.

Vanovar and Sylvain seem to have turned a strange new leaf. We all recently discovered that Vanovar cannot actually read the prayers in his book or anything else, for that matter. Somehow Sylvain became invested in his education and has begun the journey toward literacy with his usual fervor. Sylvain is allowing his anger to color every interaction lately. Something about Vanovar’s vulnerability must have awakened mercy in Sylvie’s heart. Poor bastard. He never stood a chance. It is good to have something to give a damn about. I know the anger of finding yourself in a place you don’t belong, suddenly surrounded by people you don’t agree with. I know the loneliness that comes with it and the terror of not having any backup. Not entirely in the same way, but I know it. It permeates the soul and hardens it.

I’ve never belonged anywhere. Nobody ever expects an Orc to think, but most Orcs aren’t raised the way I was. Not just a half blood, but raised by pirates, the daughter of a hermit and a bard. Looking at Vanovar, I feel lucky that I can read and write. By the same token, anyone can appreciate the illusion of safety and the comfort of community, which is why I stay out of these things. Comfort is as beautiful and fluffy and warm as it is dangerous. All my learning has led me to the ironic realization that ignorance is bliss and knowledge just leads us to take on responsibilities we don’t need… so I guess my father sort of ruined my life by teaching me to read and to think. I would never take ignorance away from a soul like Vanovar. Education just might darken his shiny little heart forever. Should be interesting to watch.

I am not on good terms with these cultists we’ve followed. One of them fell ill on the journey… sword in the back disease finally caught up with him. It wasn’t me, but they sure think it was. Chances are they will eventually recognize us and a battle will ensue, but I am ready as always.

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