Battle Notes 9.23


Today was a fucking fiasco, If I ever saw one. Last night Sylvain got bored and decided to do some research on a bounty, which led us into the sewers today. Gelatinous bags of rotted flesh everywhere, excreting some sort of magical zombie slime. We killed them all, but Sylvain and Kaida are dead. It would appear that all the children are as well, but we only saw 3 in full form. We will need to take a closer look at the remains we found.

The children were gone before we got there, but Sylvain and Kaida are dead by my gnarly, showboating hand. We had been fighting the one I’ll call Ooze Major for awhile and 2 of our men had been charmed, one was down. We collectively got a few hits in, but Major was just doing far too well for my taste. I guess that’s why I rained a hail of thorns on basically everyone. To be fair, I didn’t realize they were all that close to him.

I suppose I should go back a bit. To last night. We were at Ye Olde Glass and wondering what to do next in order to make some coin before moving on. Sylvain found a posting about some missing children in the dock district, offering reward for their captor known only as “The Croaker”. Apparently, a child would disappear and a dead frog would be in it’s place. A preliminary investigation near where disappearances had occurred led us to a slime trail, but we needed more light and more sleep.

We returned to the home near the slime trail to speak to the Garland’s, the latest family victimized by this Croaker. While in front of the door, we were approached by some patrolmen, which led to us in the Lawmaster’s office explaining ourselves. Long story short… bitch gave us papers and we were on our way. All the homes affected were near a sewer entrance, and so … down we went. We found crocodiles, which Sylvain did an impressive job of skinning… for a Rogue.

Delving further, we got to the good stuff. 6 minor Oozes just chock full of bones and assorted remains. 3 were behind a grate and some of us could see that there were children back there as well. One of us heard a child say “mommy”, but there was not much of a response from them initially. We were leary of hurting the children by shooting blindly into the corner, being unsure of the damage already done. Behind the grate that held the children, 3 minor oozes, and an already dead mind flayer was Ooze Major, reeking of sulfur.

Niresh tried to engage the children by sliding a dagger through the grate, but the child received it with a vacant look and was ultimately unwilling to save herself, which meant we would have to take some risks. Eventually all 6 oozes would come through the grate and be dealt with. Finding our way to the children and Major didn’t prove to be too difficult either. Once closer, Sylvain and Niresh became charmed and did not perceive any danger, proving them useless and Sylvain eventually prone from psychic damage.

Chastity, Vanovar, and I were hitting well, but even with a Hex, Major was still laughing at us. From where I was, I was sure I had 5 ft of clearance. I guess not. As Kaida came down, Sylvain’s words rattled the sewer walls along with the laughter of the Ooze Major. Vanovar quickly cast Gentle Repose. We are not sure what comes next.

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