Big Kahuna Burgers

For some reason watching Jules eat that burger from the fictional Hawiian burger joint in Pulp Fiction always makes me hungry, so here’s what I do about it:

Big Kahuna Burgers

Hawiian Buns (full size or sliders)
Pineapple rings (tidbits recommended for sliders but it doesn’t really matter)
Ground Pork
Ground Beef (I usually use 75% pork and lean beef, but you can use what you have)
Tony Cachere’s Seasoning
Franks Red Hot (or preferred hot sauce)
Meunster cheese
Bacon (optional)
Banana Peppers (optional)
Butter (for buns)

I always start with my trusty cast iron skillet. Let it heat up to meduium high. Add a pat of butter to the pan and place your pineapple in for grilling. Grill to taste. Some like it golden, some like it burnt.
Once grilled, place it aside and if you haven’t yet, your bacon (drain the pan after).

Next comes the meat. For sliders I recommend 1/10 lb or less, for full size burgers 1/4lb per patty. I sprinkle the meat liberally with the Cajun seasoning and mix it in before molding the patties to make them super tender. You can also mix it up by putting your cheese and/or bacon inside the patty.

As you are cooking the patties, you can take a moment to make the spicy mayo… You just mix 1 part sauce to 5 parts mayo (or to taste).

Once the burgers are done, drain the pan and butter and toast your buns if you haven’t yet. You are not ready to build your burger and eat. The “classic” Big kahuna is served with spicy mayo, pineapple, cheese, bacon and banana peppers in place of the conventional pickle. Enjoy!

Slider Tip: If you are wanting to go the slider route, you can make the patties by using a cake pan and baking the meat until done. This makes a large, thin patty you can use for your sliders. Just press the seasoned meat into the bottom of a cake pan as evenly as possible. For 2lbs of meat, 25-30 minutes at 375 should do. Always check the thickest portion of meat for proper temperature (typically the middle in this case) . You can add the cheese at the 25 minute mark to make it nice and melty for serving.

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