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Bacon and Avocado Stuffed Tomatoes

Bacon Avocado Stuffed Tomatoes

What you need:

Tomatoes (I use Roma but any kind will do)

Butter (Salted Sweet Cream is what I use. You can substitute olive oil or use almond oil or any other nut oil to add a different flavor)

Mozzerella Cheese

Ripe Avocado (Firm not overripe, although you could mix up a guac and put it in place of the avocado on it’s own)

Bacon (baked or fried, but definitely cooked. You can cook it up ahead of time or while your tomatoes are in the oven)

Salt, pepper, red chili flake, italian seasoning

To do:

-Preheat to 450

– Cut each roma in half and remove the innards (reserve for salsa or pasta sauce)

– Place ¼ T butter in each tomato

– Mix italian seasoning and mozzerella together (1T seasoning to 1C cheese is a good ratio. Extra cheese mix goes good on garlic bread, on top of chicken, etc.)

– Stuff tomatoes with cheese mixture

– Bake on a cookie sheet at 400 for 10-20 minutes depending on how much you like broiled cheese (I love it)

– Cook your bacon and slice your avocado (You only need half for 4 stuffed tomatoes (2 whole romas). Salt and pepper the avocado to taste

– When tomatoes are baked to your satisfaction, remove them and add the bling. The red pepper flake adds color and spice, but it’s optional.

Quantities are inexact because the size of tomatoes can vary greatly. I recommend 1/2 slice of bacon per tomato and 1 cup of cheese mixture for 4 stuffed Roma halves.

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