RBM_Logo_Black Outlines_JPEGYou have reached the home page for the Resting Bitchface Blog, which is just a place where I write about things. I’m gonna be honest and let you know right now that it’s mostly about food. Food has been a huge challenge for me all my life, but I love to write and I love a good meal. No matter who you are in the world, you gotta eat. Food is a need that unifies us.  The process of preparing and serving a meal is an anthropological delight. Even your neighbor will have quirks that came from variations in culinary tradition. This is beautiful to me (but I digress). Again… full disclosure, when it comes to the food in this blog it’s all (or mostly) about 1) Eating better (Eating clean, eating healthy) 2) Convenient things for kids (fast, easy cleanup, healthy, cheap).

There are times when I need to write about not food… and should I choose to publish these things, you will see them categorized as such:

Battle Notes: DND campaign notes/photos of battle notes from the current campaign I am in (My First!)

Rolling Through the Punches: An exercise to assist me in learning to DM. These are stories I tell on behalf of the dice.

Fiction Snippets: Things you would write on a napkin and then throw away.

Back to the Wild: Tales of adventures. I want to create a life of experiences over a life of stuff for my children. These are just documentation of the challenges that come with creating a different kind of life. For now, mostly hiking tales and ideas for living out of your car.

Being Whole- Diary of my never-ending journey toward health and wellness.



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