RBM_Logo_Black Outlines_JPEGYou have reached the home page for the Resting Bitchface Blog, which is just a place where I write about things. I’m gonna be honest and let you know right now that it’s mostly about food.

There are times when I need to write about not food… and should I choose to publish these things, you will see them categorized as such:

Battle Notes: DND campaign notes/photos of battle notes from the current campaign I am in (My First!)

Rolling Through the Punches: An exercise to assist me in learning to DM. These are stories I tell on behalf of the dice.

Fiction Snippets: Things you would write on a napkin and then throw away.

Back to the Wild: Tales of adventures. I want to create a life of experiences over a life of stuff for my children. These are just documentation of the challenges that come with creating a different kind of life. For now, mostly hiking tales and ideas for living out of your car.

Being Whole: Diary of my never-ending journey toward health and wellness.


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